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Florida Panhandle Duck Hunting Guides

Florida Panhandle Duck Hunting Guides

Chris Williamson |

Coastal duck hunting can be an absolutely unforgettable experience for the whole family with experienced Florida Panhandle duck hunting guides. The huge populations of diver ducks, sea ducks, and other migratory birds make the bays of North Florida some of the best hunting destinations for waterfowl in the entire U.S! Whether you’re looking to cross a species off your bucket list, or simply get the full experience in a duck blind with the family, Williamson Outfitters has got you covered. 

Ducks in flight taken with one of our Florida panhandle duck hunting guides

Duck Season in the Sunshine State

Florida is the seasonal home to some of the largest populations of migratory ducks in the U.S, especially here in the Apalachee Bay region. These populations of diver ducks include redheads, bluebills, & buffleheads with the occasional canvasback, pintail, teal, scoter, wigeon, gadwall, mergansers, wood duck, ring-neck, spoonbill, ruddy duck, and goldeneye. The season for diver ducks is typically between November-January, so mark your calendars!

How We Hunt

When it comes to duck hunting, it's important to work with experienced North Florida duck hunting guides. Before each of our guided duck hunting trips, we prep our target area with around 150 decoys and up to 12 custom motion decoys to make sure we lock in the ducks for you! Depending on the weather and tidal conditions, hunts may take place from a boat or by land in a genuine Florida palm duck blind. Not only will you have the support of an experienced guide, but also one of our trained hunting dogs to retrieve your bird for you.

Two of our Florida Panhandle Duck Hunting Guides showing their catch of the day

What You'll Need To Duck Hunt in Florida

Here are just a few things you’ll need to bring to kick off your trip:

  • Waders (or rubber boots if you do not own waders) and camo clothing for both cool and warm weather
  • Steel Shot (Sizes #2, #3, and #4 are the best shells for Florida)
  • 12 or 20 gauge shotgun with a modified or full choke

Anyone 16 years old or older must have all 4 of the following to duck hunt in Florida:

  • Florida hunting license
  • Florida waterfowl permit
  • Florida migratory permit (HIP)
  • Federal Duck Stamp

Getting Started

Starting on your hunting trip can be as simple as finding a dependable guide with experience, meaning you're in luck! At Williamson Outfitters, our many years of experience with hunting and fishing in the Florida panhandle makes us experts at giving our clients the best experience possible. To start booking your duck hunting trip, Click Here, or feel free to contact Captain Chris directly at 850-251-8650.