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Williamson Outfitters, LLC offers guided duck hunts, alligator trapping, tripletail fishing, and eco tours that provide you with the ultimate “Old Florida” experience. Williamson Outfitters is family-owned and operated, and we are driven to provide you with memories that last a lifetime!

We offer lodging, guided hunting & fishing services as well as eco tours throughout the North Florida Panhandle including Apalachee Bay, Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Apalachicola, Eastpoint, Shell point, Panacea, Live Oak Island, St Marks, St George Island, Carrabelle, Alligator Point, Lake Wimico, St Vincent Island, Port St Joe, Perry, Sopchoppy, Lake Talquin, Miccosukee, Piney Island, Ochlockonee, Alligator Harbor, and St James bay.

On our guided fishing tours & duck / gator hunts, you’ll find various species such as Redheads, Bufflehead, Bluebills, Scaup, Canvasbacks, Wigeon, Gadwall, Merganser, Ruddy Duck, Ring Neck, Ringer, Goldeneye, Diver Ducks, Sea Ducks, Scoter, Pintail, Wood Duck, Teal, Green Wing, and Blue Wing, Tripletail, and Waterfowl.

Access to various gear includes Sitka gear, Decoys, Drake, Mudbuddy, Prodigy, Shotgun, Boss shot shells, Tanglefree, Mojo,Llanark, Longline, and Duck Blind.


Florida Duck Hunt

Coastal duck hunts in Florida can be some of the best in the world. Florida is the winter home for a large population of diving ducks in the Apalachee Bay region. North Florida is one of the best places to hunt redheads in the country! Apalachee Bay boasts massive populations of diver ducks like redheads, bluebills, & buffleheads with the occasional canvasback, pintail, teal, scoter, wigeon, gadwall, mergansers, wood duck, ring-neck, spoonbill, ruddy duck, and goldeneye. If you're looking for a new experience, coastal hunting might be right up your alley!

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Florida Tripletail Fishing

Our local waters are home to some of the largest & most plentiful tripletail in the South. Tripletail are one of the absolute best fish to sight cast, very hard fighters, cooperative eaters, and one of the best table fare you will ever come across! Did I mention they are addictive to fish for? It’s surprising how many people have never heard of or even seen a tripletail. The best description to someone that has never seen one is basically a prehistoric dinosaur looking bream on steroids with razor sharp gill plates, sharp fins and well, 3 tails. Some people think they are gorgeous, some people think they are odd looking but no one can deny how tasty they are! Tripletail are opportunistic feeders that lie motionless until their prey comes close and they strike rapidly. They feed on fish and benthic crustaceans, including gulf menhaden, Atlantic bumper, glass minnows, swimming red crabs, anchovies, shrimp, and squid.

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Florida Tours & Sunset Cruises

Travel back in time to “Old Florida” and explore the diverse nature & rich history of Apalachicola Bay. Feel free to bring a cooler with your favorite horderves and beverages as we take you on a fun & breathtaking boat ride! Witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever experience!

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